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Privacy Policy Personal Information Collected Miltowne   Collision   Inc.   is   a   professional   and   independent   Auto   Collision   Shop,   and   continues   to   be   committed   to   our   customers’ best   interests,   our   mutual   economic   development,   and   the   protection   of   any   and   all   personal   and   confidential   information collected,   if   any.   The   information   we   collect   is   business   based.   We   may   collect   personal   information   as   it   relates   to   a   customer such as credit information, and such information is provided voluntarily with consent. Protection and Security and Use of Personal Information Any   and   all   private   information   collected   is   either   stored   electronically   or   in   secure   locations   if   in   paper   format.   In   either   case, both regimes of storage are continually monitored for security. Access is managed and is strictly limited. Disclosure and Use of Personal Information This   firm   does   not   sell   or   distribute   personal   information   to   third   parties   for   any   commercial,   promotional   or   marketing   purposes, and   in   any   event   would   not   distribute   personal   information   to   third   parties   without   your      consent.   Private   information   is   utilized   in the performance of specific tasks relating only to purposes for which   the information was collected. Questions or Contact   Any   questions   or   concerns   regarding   this   policy   can   be   addressed   to   “Privacy   Officer”   by   telephone   at   905-878-6919,   by   fax   at 905-878-6922, or by email at